Capitol Hill Ghost Tours
Join one of our seasoned paranormal investigators as they guide you on a walking tour of some of Capital Hill’s most notoriously haunted homes. Hear real stories, as they recall and provide actual haunted evidence captured when personally investigating the majority of these properties, as well as purported ghostly experiences from the eerie locations you will visit.
Phone: 877-880-6232
Address: 1340 Pennsylvania St
Denver, CO
Denver Terrors - Walking Ghost Tour
Tour Name: Denver Terrors
Denver Terrors walking ghost tours dive deep into the haunted history of the Denver’s oldest neighborhood, Capitol Hill. Our haunted ghost stories take you on a journey back to a time of wealth, luxury, and deceit.
Address: 200 E Colfax
ZIP Code: 80203
Tall Tales & Tommyknockers Lantern Tour
90 minute , guided, underground, lantern tour of the Lebanon Silver Mine in Georgetown, CO. civering miners superstitions and the documented ghost stories of the mine.
Phone: 18884566777
Address: 1520 Argentine St, Georgetown, CO
ZIP Code: 80444
The Stanley Hotel
Made famous as the inspiration to Steven King’s most famous and first best selling novel, The Shining, the Stanley Hotel is one of America’s most haunted properties. This evening tour takes you through our most haunted spaces and introduces you to the paranormal phenomena surrounding our 100+ year old hotel. See the basement rooms of the Concert Hall and the famous tunnel after dark and learn where Flora and F.O. Stanley are still said to be seen. Photography is encouraged.
Phone: 970-577-4111
Address: 333 Wonderview Avenue
Estes Park, CO 80517