After Dark Investigations
Gettysburg’s premiere paranormal investigation company. Are you tired of the walk and talk ghost tours? Do you want to feel, see and be touched by the paranormal? We are experienced investigators who take small groups of people, so you will not be one in a hundred people trying to hear a very low Evp, to active sites in Gettysburg. We teach you how to use paranormal investigation equipment and give you the opportunity to communicate with ghosts, hear Evp’s and see orbs, no waiting for a DVD in the mail. This is a real investigation performed by You! No doubt, you will be happily terrified. We also added a 1:00 am tour to see Gettysburg’s haunted spots when everyone else is asleep. We have a family tour and a sunset tour. We have something for everyone. Come see us. You will not be disappointed.
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Address: Gettysburg, PA
Gettysburg Ghost Tours
Candlelit walking tours & ghost hunting offered every night, all year long. Our tour guides are masters at their craft giving guests an entertaining and education experience. On our ghost hunts professional paranormal investigators will gain you access to haunted abandoned buildings known for their frequent spirit activity. Use all the latest ghost hunting equipment and receive a DVD of the investigation starring YOU!
Phone: 717-338-1818
Address: 47 Steinwehr Avenue
Gettysburg, PA
Ghostly Images of Gettysburg
Step inside the Haunted Orphanage, where innocent children were tortured by a cruel and abusive matron. Venture into the Jennie Wade House, site of the Battle’s only civilian death, and where something lingers still… Ride the Ghost Bus to some of Gettysburg’s most haunted landmarks or even host your own paranormal investigation.
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Address: 777 Baltimore Street
Gettysburg, PA
Ghosts of Gettysburg
The “Ghosts of Gettysburg Tours” are best described as a combination of history and mystery. The battle that took place in Gettysburg was horrific. We do our best to treat the men who gave their lives with the respect they deserve. We use ghost stories, as relayed to Mr. Nesbitt by those who have experienced them, to explore what happened here. Anyone can make up a scary ghost story, but somehow, knowing that people experienced the ghostly happenings that our guides describe, has to make one wonder if an encounter is in your own future! Our tours include as much of the town as can be walked comfortably. The buildings in Gettysburg are all privately owned, but from what we’ve been told, just as many ghosts are wandering the streets as are hanging out within four walls!
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Address: 271 Baltimore Street
Gettysburg, PA
Grave Digger Tours
There is only one tour company that brings the REAL Horrors of War to life – The Grave Digger Tours.

Follow our “diggers” as they take you on an unforgettable experience recalling eyewitness accounts of the soldiers and citizens who had to clean up the mess of 8,000 dead soldiers, 27,000 wounded – and over 5,000 dead horses.
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Address: 65 Steinwehr Avenue
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Haunted Gettysburg Tours
Walk with us into a world that lies between the living and the dead!

Departing nightly, between the months of April-November, rain or shine, Haunted Gettysburg Ghost Tours offers premier ghost walks. With stories based on the best selling book series Haunted Gettysburg, our period dressed, experienced and knowledgeable storytellers will guide you on a one hour tour through the dark alleyways and shadowy streets of Historic Gettysburg. Listen by candlelight and learn the ghostly tales along with some history about one of America’s most haunted towns.

Our candlelight walking tours include the Author’s Spooky Dead of Night Tour and the Bloody Cemetery Hill Tour.
Phone: 717-334-1200
Address: 27 Steinwehr Ave
Gettysburg, PA
ZIP Code: 17325
Historic Farnsworth House Inn
Home of Gettysburg’s longest running ghost tour company. For 30 years the Farnsworth House has provided Gettysburg’s original and exciting haunted history tours. Take a stroll around Gettysburg, visiting haunted sites and historic graveyards, or bravely follow deep into the cellar of one of the most haunted inns in America during the Inn’s mourning theatre.

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Address: 401 Baltimore Street
Gettysburg, PA
History and Haunts
History and Haunts of Gettysburg, where history and the paranormal come together. Come join us and learn exactly what happened on those three horrible days and learn the mystery of the soldiers who never left, and still lurk to this very day. Do you know where the plans were created for the attacks on Little Round Top, The Wheatfield, and Pickett’s Charge? With an H&H tour, you will learn all of these and much, much more. Come visit us and allow our tour guide to bring history to life and feel with your heart what happened in our beloved town.
Phone: 717-521-2429
Address: 25 Steinwehr Avenue
Gettysburg, PA
ZIP Code: 17325
Mason Dixon Ghost Tours
Make your visit to Gettysburg even more special by joining the Mason Dixon Paranormal Society for a Historical Ghost Walk, Paranormal Investigation, Haunted Pub Crawl. You will take home memories that will last a lifetime.

Phone: 717-752-0362
ZIP Code: 17325
Miss Betty’s Ghosts in Gettysburg
Stand on Sach’s Bridge hearing stories of the tragedies on the bridge and the spirits left behind. Walk the path of the wounded, reliving their suffering. Sit by Marsh Creek where soldiers were swept away in their death.

Enter the barn where soldiers were laid out witnessing their suffering through stories. Listen as Miss Betty relates her personal sightings in over a decade of storytelling, how psychics have seen soldiers following her on her tours.
Phone: 443-789-9602
Address: Gettysburg, PA
Sleepy Hollow Ghost Tours in Gettysburg
Now in their 19th Season Sleepy Hollow of Gettysburg Candlelight Ghost Tours features storytellers with over 50 years combines storytelling experience.

Voted #1 in the Gettysburg Companion, chosen among the top three in the Gettysburg Times “Pick of the County” magazine and the ONLY ghost tour in Gettysburg to grace the cover of “Pennsylvania Paranormal Magazine”.
Phone: (717) 337-9322
Address: 89 Steinwehr Ave (in front of the Dobbin House),
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
ZIP Code: 17325