St. Augustine

A Ghostly Encounter
Join our Storytellers as they take you through the old city visiting some of their favorite haunts We begin in the Love Tree Cottage and then stroll the darken streets hearing stories of the long deceased residents who have not moved on, visiting (2) two cemeteries along the way and ending in the tour at the World Famous Love Tree to hear the legend of enternal love.

This is the only ghost tour in town that takes you into a building built on a long ago Indian Village and Burial Ground, You decide whether it is occupied by spirits or not, so please join us, we are dying to meet you.
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Address: St Augustine, Florida
Ghost Augustine
Tour Name: Ghost Augustine
Authentic non-theatrical ghost tours and investigations as well as the Original Haunted Pub Tour of St. Augustine. We offer walking and riding tours. Riding tours go out in our new and comfortable 14 passenger van “the Shadow Shuttle” or in our Haunted Hearse.

List of tours: Everdark Express, Dead Walk, Haunted St. Augustine, Total Paranormal St. Augustine, the Pub Hearse Ride, the Original Haunted Pub Tour.

GhoSt Augustine and its team has been featured on several TV shows; among others are My Ghost Story and Americas Most Scary Places.
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Address: 162 St. George Street, Suite 19
St. Augustine, Florida
Ghost Tours of St. Augustine
The AWARD-WINNING “Ghostly Experience” Nightly Tour! Voted #1 Guided Tour in Florida by Florida Living Magazine, this tour gives you the choice of three spine-chilling frights: the Riding Tour, the Walking Tour, or the Paranormal Experience (EMF meters included).

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Address: 4 Granada St
St. Augustine FL 32084
Ghosts & Gravestones – St Augustine
Ghosts & Gravestones awaits… When the conductor howls “all aboard!” – Will you be there?

Explore the darker side of the Nation’s Oldest City and let our ghost be your guide. Visit Potter’s Wax Museum’s Chamber of Horrors for a unique retelling of the famed pirate Andrew Ranson’s gruesome execution and enter the town’s most haunted building, the “Old Jail,” for an up close and personal encounter. Don’t miss this frightfully fun ghost tour!
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Address: 167 San Marco Ave,
Saint Augustine, Florida
ZIP Code: 32084
Island Psycho
Tour Name: Island Psycho
Offering two tours, the Island Psycho Paranormal Ghost Walk or the Paranormal Funeral Home Investigation where you get trained in how to execute a paranormal investigation using some of the latest in equipment and gear.

Come with us and wander the haunted streets of the nation’s oldest city. Our team of paranormal researchers have spent countless hours compiling evidence such as meter readings, EVP’s, photographic anomalies and personal experiences that we want to share with you. Hear the ghostly legends and tales of St. Augustine and try to have your own encounter with the spirits that the spirits that still linger here. Bring your cameras and keep your eyes and minds open. You never know what you might see!
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Address: 209 S Ponce de Leon
St Augustine, Florida
Ripley’s Ghost Train Adventure
Go where no other tour in town will take you. This all new adventure is an 80 minute fully interactive paranormal investigation into two properties never before explored in the dark of night, each with rich haunted histories.
Phone: 904-824-1606
Address: 19 San Marco Avenue,
St. Augustine, Florida
ZIP Code: 32084
Secrets of St. Augustine
Master Storyteller Dion Moore – The American Spinner, has spent 15 years Spinning the tall tales and legends of St. Augustine. For these tales to exist for hundreds of years, someone had to witness these events to leave the legends behind. What better place to start but in “The Oldest City” in the Nation -St. Augustine, Florida. HISTORY AT ITS BEST! Discover 450 years of deep, rich, history, validating five centuries of trauma and tragedy.
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Address: 9 St. George Street
Saint Augustine, FL
ZIP Code: 32084
Sheriff’s Ghost Walk Tours
The Sheriffs Ghost Walk Tours is a unique experience. The Sheriff and all of his dead deputies are experienced guides. You will hear stories of Haunted Houses, Bed & Breakfasts and The Old Cemeteries! You will walk the dark streets of the nations oldest city of Saint Augustine, Florida. All stories told are so rich in detail they will tingle your spine!
Phone: 904-540-0031
Address: 18 St. George Street
Saint Augustine, FL
ZIP Code: 32084