The Big Easy is widely known as one of the most haunted cities in the United States as it has embraced its famous lore of restless spirits that exist among the living. Its history is rich with stories of pirates and voodoo priestesses and legends of vampires that call the crescent city home. If you’re looking for some frighting fun along your vacation, then New Orleans is definitely a destination to visit.

Haunted Hotels in New Orleans

Hotel Monteleone:

monteleone_by_jadetorchwood-d7bpkjdWith four generations worth of history, stories of the many haunting of the Monteleone could fill volumes. From phantom children playing in the halls, former employees diligently continuing their work in their after life, to the famously haunted 14th floor where a mischievous young fellow by the name of Maurice Begere is said to play tricks on guests.

Audubon Cottages:

This 18th century oasis is recognized for its grace, beauty, and unique living setting. But guests of cottages 2 and 4 are in for an extra amenity where disembodied voices have been heard and feelings of someone pulling at your feet in the night as they lay in their bed. A frequent guest is a music-loving Confederate soldier who ensures the radio is always tuned to Country and enjoys wandering through the Courtyard.

Lafitte Guest House:

welcome__traveler_by_lalalaleeThis Bourbon Street beauty offers its own poltergeist as items are known to move around the house frequently.  These events are caused by the spirit of the young daughter of the original owners.  It was in this house that she fell down the staircase and died, but her spirit lives on.

Bourbon Orleans Hotel:

The Bourbon Orleans is said to be one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans.  In the past, the hotel was the Convent of the Holy Family and after 1960, the convent was transformed into the hotel.  The infamous second floor ballroom hosted many of New Orleans’ most prestigious events.  Now the ballroom is said to have a lone dancer who sways under the crystal chandelier.  Spend time in great lobby and you might see an elderly ghost who reads the newspaper while smoking a cigar.  It’s reported that sometimes guests smell the cigar before they see the apparition.

Haunted Restaurants & Taverns


new_orleans_building_by_prespectNew Orleans families have been visiting Arnaud’s for generations, choosing it as the location where they want to commemorate their most important family events and milestones. Founded over 80 years ago, its owner and creator, count Arnaud Cazenave, continues to watch over the place even after his death.

Brennan’s Restaurant:

5955946119_59bc93f138_b It is in the second floor’s Red Room that family members who own and run the restaurant experience ghostly activity the most. From misty human shaped forms to full on apparitions, this restaurant is alive with the undead.

Pat O’Brien’s: 


If you are looking for a night of spirits, this is definitely the place you want to be. Employees of the restaurant and bar have often felt the presence of unseen forces, heard footsteps from invisible spirits, even have experienced hearing the tinker of a few keys on the piano when no one was there.

Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop

lafitte__s_blacksmith_shop_by_lalondeBuilt in 1722 this building is one of the oldest structures in all of New Orleans. According to legend the privateer Jean Lafitte owned a business here early in the 19th century that was used as a smuggling operation for pirates. It is from this time that many believe the haunting began.

Muriel’s Séance Lounge


Now a famous jazz club, this building’s history is one of intrigue, desire, and power.  Suffering after the Good Friday fire of 1788 the building was restored  at great expense by the wealthy Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan who resided in the house until his weary soul decided to end his own life in the upstairs of the house. Through the years many people have reported seeing his ghost in various parts of the building. He’s not alone, however, as other spirits besides his have been known to make their presence known either by slamming glasses across the room, grabbing patrons, and other frighting ways.

Haunted Sites

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1


tomb_of_marie_laveauAmong the many notable figures from history who are buried in this cemetery’s above ground crypts, it is the Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, the most respected and powerful priestess in New Orleans history, whose resting place here is the best known. Local legend says to knock three times on her tomb, mark the tomb with “XXX” in chalk, knock three times again then make your wish. Leave an offering and she may heed your call.

Lalaurie Mansion

french_quarter_haunted_mansion_by_salemcat-d30yi3dDelphine Lalaurie was a member of New Orleans high society, but she hid a dark and gory secret on the top floor of her three story mansion. Rumors of her cruelty circulated throughout New Orleans, and when a mysterious fire broke out in the estate’s kitchen, authorities finally entered the attic. They were horrified to find numerous servants chained to the walls and dismembered body parts scattered across the floor. The anguished victims still haunt the mansion grounds, which is a private residence but can be seen from the street.

Saint Louis Cathedral & Jackson Square


Saint Louis Cathedral is one of New Orleans’ most notable Haunted landmarks. This revered building with its soaring triple spires towering high above the old New Orleans French Quarter is the oldest church in Louisiana and one of the oldest established churches in America. It is known to be haunted by many ghosts, from those who perished in the great Good Friday fire pf 1788 as well as the many who are entombed within its walls.

The square outside of the Cathedral is also highly haunted, many claiming to have personal experiences in this area. Those who have researched the haunting claim it is because of the slave trade that once took place in this hollowed ground.

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This is by far a condensed and short list of the many haunted places that are in and around New Orleans. Do you have any paranormal experiences with these or other places located in the Big Easy? Share them in the comments section below!