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White House - DC Ghosts - Walking Ghost Tour

Are you ready for the ultimate historic ghost walk, the DC Ghost Tour? Our ghost stories provide a new perspective on the real history behind the hauntings found in our nation’s capital city. From first-hand accounts to the true tales behind the haunts, guests of our tour will gain a real understanding as to how D.C. is both a historical city and one of the most haunted places in the US.

Our haunted ghost tour is about the terrifying truth. Our tour stops have been heavily researched, and we provide real accounts of historical events as well as the hauntings associated with each location. We do not focus on gimmicks or jump scares like some tours may do, but instead, focus on authenticity and creating a memorable experience for our guests, whether you are locals to the city or tourists. Our goal is to explain the strange and unique stories found only in D.C, including the historical information related to the spirits that reside in the capital city.

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  • DC Ghosts - Walking Ghost Tour
  • DC Ghosts - Walking Ghost Tour
  • DC Ghosts - Walking Ghost Tour