Historic Farnsworth House Inn

Historic Farnsworth House Inn

The home of Gettysburg’s longest running ghost tour company. For 30 years the Farnsworth House has provided Gettysburg’s original and exciting haunted history tours. Take a stroll around Gettysburg, visiting haunted sites and historic graveyards,  or bravely follow deep into the cellar of one of the most haunted inns in America during the historic Inn’s famous mourning theatre.

Offering many different tours to choose from to satisfy anyone’s taste!

  • Mourning Theater Learn the haunted history of the Farnsworth house deep in the cellar of the old estate!
  • East Cemetery Hill Walk – Take an evening walk around Gettysburg and explore a few of the town’s most haunted locations.
  • Confederate Hospital Walk – The echoes of the sights, sounds, and smells of the wounded and dying still reverberate through Gettysburg.
  • Ghost HuntUse the equipment you see the pros use, including K-2 meters, thermal sensors, dowsing rods, digital voice recorders, and night vision/infrared viewers. Begin in the cellar of the Farnsworth House and then head out to “The Grove”, one of the most haunted battlefields at Gettysburg, to complete your investigation. 
  • Mature Tour – These stories are not street-legal! This tour is guaranteed to entertain and offend. (We rate it R for language and content. )
  • Creekside Stories –  Join us by the banks of Weinbrenner’s Run as your guide tells you the type of stories that will keep you up at night and huddled together. 
  • Paranormal NightAn all-night investigation that gives you full access to the Farnsworth House! Adults Only!

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401 Baltimore Street
Gettysburg, PA
  • Historic Farnsworth House Inn
  • Historic Farnsworth House Inn
  • Historic Farnsworth House Inn